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When undertaking a building project, it is vital to use experienced building professionals. The documents produced by a Designer are the foundations of a project. This is the key to a better building experience. 

ArchDraught takes pride in all jobs we complete. Big, Small, Alterations, Commercial and also New Builds. ArchDraught uses AutoCAD Architectural software to produce documents and has Professional Indemnity Insurance. The team at ArchDraught have a range of different skills which makes us a great team to work with. 
For ArchDraughts team, and the processes of how we get our jobs completed, hit the "About us" tab and click 'Meet the team' in the top right corner.

ArchDraught insures our clients have a straight forward and trouble free experience. We complete your vision and take your project right through to submitting consent documents to the local authorities, this includes all liaising with the council.

Stage one: Sketch Plan 

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Firstly, our clients have a non obligation meeting with Phil on site or in the office, depending on the nature of the job. 

Our clients bring all there ideas and dreams to the table. Next ArchDraughts team put together a sketch plan. 

ArchDraught’s comprehensive and quality service includes all the fundamental stages of the building consent process for one set fee.


Developed Design

When the preliminary design is completed and confirmed by the client, ArchDraught will complete the Developed Design package. This will include a site plan, dimensioned floor plan, coloured floor plan, elevations and coloured 3d images (optional for alteration). These presentation documents will be provided as a laminated, bound set.

ArchDraught knows it is important not to rush these stages. It is better to take longer and get it right, than rush and regret it later.

Consent Documentation

The building consent is the foundation document for any building project. It entitles you to carry out building work in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted in your consent application. It also provides formal recognition that your plans and specifications meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, and therefore will be built to meet certain performance standards. (From DBH website)


In addition to working through all the requirements for the design to meet performance standards, ArchDraught works with other professionals to gather relevant paperwork to complete the consent documentation. For example plumbing and drainage specialists, structural engineers and truss designers.


Building Consent

When completed a draft copy of the Consent Documentation will be sent to the client for confirmation. Once any changes are made and confirmation is received, ArchDraught will lodge these documents with the council. ArchDraught maintains regular contact with council to ensure any issues with regard to the consent are dealt with immediately. Oftentimes council requires clarification on aspects of the application and ArchDraught removes the burden from the client by dealing with these issues.


Gaining building consent is easy when ArchDraught does all the work for you.


Once building consent it granted the client will receive an invoice from the Council for building consent fees. When paid stamped consent documents will be sent to the client and building can begin.


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